Monday, 29 April 2013

First blog :D - who am I? What is this all about?

Hi everyone :D

My name is Nam! I am better known on the net as shadowcheah - an internet name I had been using since childhood that kind of stuck with me through time.

I am a 21 years old student studying in London, England, but originally from the amazing city of Hong Kong <3

I had always wanted to start a blog but never found the time or the resources to do it, but now I had finally pluck up the courage and viola - here I am!

I guess I always had a passive for writing, whether it was in my mother tongue Chinese or in English. One of my hobby is actually writing :) I am a writer on this website call wattpad where I post my latest stories:
Please check out my stories if you have time!

As said in my blog description, I am a girl with many, many hobbies and interest. Frankly, I am not very accomplish in most of them :P But, life is short, so you might as well try to do things that you want ;)

This is where what is this all about come in! Blogging has been a major 'thing' in the past few years and since I wanted to get my writing out there I thought: why not make a blog documenting my chaotic hobbies and life? Would it be confusing? Yes. Would it make no sense? Yes. But would it be a lot of fun? I certainly hope so.

So here it is. My first post. None of you are probably interested in my rambling, but hopefully I will post something that will catch someone's eye eventually.

What will I post about? Well, let's see, there are soooo many things:

1) Traveling - I tend to travel quite a bit :) got a few trips stored up from this year and previous years that I could take about!

2) Crochet - I LOVE making little animals out of crochet whenever I have the time and resources - I am no expert, but I do try my best :)

3) Looks - I am lookbooker, for those of you who don't know, it's a community where members post their latest looks. I put my profile up at the side so go check them out!

4) Wattpad - more specifically, writing. I am a armature writer. English isn't my first language but I try my best. I do hope to get publish one day (eeeek). Hope.

5) AOB - any other business. Like I say, I have a lot of hobbies ;)

Thank you for visiting my blog :) hopefully I will stick to it!

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