Friday, 3 May 2013

Holiday fashion!

Going on budget airlines means that you can't bring as much as you want on board.
But you still want to look pretty on your holiday without wearing the same outfit over and over again - this is where mix and match comes in!


1) Wear a pair of comfortable and relatively fashionable shoes and stick to it.
    For example I wore my faithful black ankle boots which are perfect for all weather

2) Bring basics - denim shirt, logo t-shirts, jeans etc can be pair with anything!

3) Make sure you are comfortable in it - otherwise you will just end up having a bad trip!

I brought with my my leather jacket and black ankle boots that I wore everyday, and here is what I brought for mix and match for that I could wear for a week :)


 I was able to come up with 8 possible outfits :) - granted some of them are a little bit similar! But at least you are not completely repeating!

I have posted some of the looks on look book! which will follow on :)

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