Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Minion fever

Successfully capturing everyone's heart in the Despicable me movies, these cute little yellow fellers are coming to the big screen themselves in May. There are countless merchandise out there for those with minion-fever, but they can never, ever beat making your own one!

I have found this pattern on Ravelry (link to the blog page with the actual pattern detail is posted below) and it amazed me how easy it is to make it! My version is slightly different to hers, but it's mostly the same and I will detail below!

Here's a photo of my creations:
Occasionally I lost count and they end up huge (far right). I have even made an evil minion :D isn't his hair amazing?)

To make the adorable creatures yourself, here's what you are going to need:

in yellow, black, blue, grey and white

I mostly buy them from ebay for about 2.50 for a ball of 500g, it's cheapest that way. Amigurumi are usually made of stiff, cotton yarn but frankly I like them soft and squishy!
For fluffy purple yarn go to Tiger! They tease out easily so it create an awesome crazy hair effect.

You can also get them on ebay, but I got 250 g bag from John Lewis for 4.50 so I know for sure it's sterilised. They will last you a while, I have made at least two dozen and I still got half a bag full!

Knitting needle

Stitch marker (optional, this will help you keep track of your rounds. Alternatively a safety pin will do)

Changes I made

Instead of using googly eyes, I crocheted them.
It's very simple!

White: Magic circle (6), then increase of 2 single crochet in each (12) then link with Grey and sc 1 and inc for an outer round (18)

Black: Magic circle (6), sew it on top of white circles in the center

Evil minion mouth:
White: start with 4 ch, skip one and sc in two for a triangle, repeat three times and sew them on in a curve line to resemble teeth.

Overall strap
Sew separately then added on to give it a more authentic look

I have also omitted any parts involving glue guns. And to make the hair and mouth stay I tied a knot at the end of the yarn before finishing the body.

Hope you like this!

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