Sunday, 30 November 2014

Night tale @ Red

With gorgeous fairy-lights, quirky street food stands and delicious cocktail, the Night tale pop up market gracing Shoreditch this winter has got the perfect combination to keep the cold away. However, if you come here looking only for food, then you are in the wrong place; for this car-park-turn-party-ground is a well-balanced mix of music, alcohol and food for those seeking a good-time all night long.

Announced with red dangling lights and a large sign, you might have to wait for a small while to get in through the queue. The canopy design means you are protected against the elements and the coziness of the wooden benches, mismatch stalls and heat lamps all serve to keep you toasty and cheery. Guests DJs are on site to dish out some party tones and a clearing between the picnic benches and music deck gives you plenty of space to dance.

For those who want to enjoy a quieter time and sip some cocktail, the upper floor of the delightful fairy light wrapped structure is the place to go. Consisting of a secluded whiskey cocktail bar, you can enjoy the ambience of a relaxing evening whilst looking down on fellow diners and partyers. Or if you are feeling extra special, you can book a table in advance for £100 per head, which include all-you-can-drink booze, queue jump and free entry, as well as food tokens and tray service.
There are only seven street food stalls, the legendary Patty and Bun in their glorious new van is a definite go-to. Next door is the Voodo Ray pizza and other stalls include oriental style buns and slow cooked brisket in Italian baguette from Bathing Cows. Toilets are available between the main ground and the entrance with an attendant, so you can make sure your hands are clean before stumbling onto the dance floor.

The place gets quite busy with all the free benches being taken up by around seven. If all you wish is to grab a bite then this isn’t the right place for you, especially with an entrance fee.

Address: 288-299 Old street
Direction: From Old street station take the subway 1, go up the right flight of stairs and walk straight down the road. You will walk past a fire station and RED is right opposite a Sainsbury Local.
Opening times: Thurs- Sat 5pm – late; £4 entrance fee

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